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Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in Paper Pumpkin | 0 comments

Paper Pumpkin

Paper Pumpkin is a fabulous way to start building a stamp and ink collection. Each month Stampin’ Up! will send you a kit that has everything you need to create a project.  Every time I think the kits could not get any better…Stampin’ Up! wows me with a even better kit.  This is how I felt when I saw Decembers Kit.  (Each Kit is a Surprise!!!)


Yesterday, I shared a bit about my new obsession with the “planner” craze…I am at least obsessed with the idea of a beautiful “planner” that would inspire me to keep going, do more for others,  blog better, and stay organized.  These are the things I think  a “planner” would help make life easier.  But, looking at all the fun products out there maybe, it would be a lot of fun to create a “planner”.  With this in mind one of the ideas I have for a “planner” (I hate the word planner/ but, for the lack of a better word I will use it/ and yes, Organizer is just as bad!!!)  is to keep tack of the Liturgical year, my gratitude list, my ever growing prayer list, and many other things that are faith based.  A company called “The Catholic Planner” put this idea in my head.  But, I really wanted something that I could totally make my own.  So, one of the things I have been working on is deciding how to make this type of planner a reality.  One thing that I know I am going to use is the December Paper Pumpkin Kit as part of my Faith Planner ( I really need a better word,  Any ideas????)  I am going to use each card at the beginning of the month for my dividers.  Pretty and functional!!!!  Now, All I have to do is decided what size planner I want!


Stampin’ Up! is offering the 3 month pre-paid subscription for $55!!! Perfectly, priced to add a Sale-A-Bration item for Free.  So not only do you receive your paper pumpkin at a discount!!!  You also get one Sale-A-Bration item FREE!!! What’s Better Than That!! Well, I will tell you.  As a Paper Pumpkin Subscriber (through me) you are invited to join me on the last Tuesday of each month to put the kit together.  January’s Gathering will be on the 26th.  Check out Paper Pumpkin Gathering to learn more!!!!    I do request that you let me know by the 22nd of each month to attend the Gathering.

If you are new t Paper Pumpkin you do have the chance to purchase some of the past Paper Pumpkin Kits.  And refills for some Kits are available also.  Popular Kits such as the December Kit sale out and never become available….So, it is always best to subscribe to make sure you get the kits you want!!!!

Some of the past Kits available as a Paper Pumpkin Subscriber are:

Wish Big

Wish Big

Sew You Kit

Sew You Kit

Thanks a Latte Kit

Thanks a Latte Kit

Not ready to commit to a three month Subscription.  Try it for a month as see just how wonderful Paper Pumpkin is!!!!



I will be sending a little surprise to all my new Paper Pumpkin Subscribers through out Sale-A-Bration!  This will be your choice between the Bermuda Bay Stitched Ribbon, the Botanical Garden Jewels, and the Bow Paper Clips.  All are apart of the Occasions Catalog. (while supplies last!!! I am sure some of these Items will be popular and may sale out)  Those of you who chose to pick a pre-paid subscription my also receive a additional surprise from me!!!!


Have a great evening and see you back here soon!

Much Love,


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