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One of my favorite things in life is sending happy mail.  I would love to send a card to your family or friends to brighten there day.  Never underestimate the power of happy mail.  This page is intended for individuals needing a little pick me up.  I got the idea one day thinking about how much 2020 has changed us all.  We all could use a little happy.  And was thinking about how I could make a small difference in people’s lives right now.  That’s when I thought about having a place that people could summit others for happy mail.   Please refrain from sharing addresses of individuals trying to collect a certain amount of cards or information regarding card drives.  I make no guarantee that a card will arrive by a specific date.  But, will do my best to get all cards sent in a timely manner.

*Please only share an address that you have permission to share with others. Addresses will not be shared with others. All addresses will be erased after the card has been sent.*

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Thank you for your submission.   Your card will be on the way soon to its recipient.  Thank you for helping spread Hand Made Kindness!