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Thank you for taking the time to visit Westside Paper Creations.

Its always a good time for ink

Jennifer Spiller – Westside Paper Creations

I first remember falling in love with stamps in the 1980 at a craft show.  My mother and I bought a few and made gift tags for Christmas presents.  Oh what fun…They were simple little tags with edges cut with pinking shires and a whole cut with a whole punch.   Back then we did not have all the wonderful crafting supplies that exist in today’s world.  It’s amazing how in just a few years the crafting world mad a big swing specially in paper crafting.

By the mid 90’s I was Scrapbooking and loving every minute of the experience.  It was during this time that I was introduced to Stampin’ Up!  through a collage friend.  She tough me the basics of card making.  Though, it would be many many years before I actually started making cards.

Eventually, I drifted away from paper crafting.  Over the years I would peruse the Stampin’ Up! catalog and dream of all the wonderful stamps and paper crafting supplies.  Finally, one day I decided that I was going to get back into paper crafting and Stampin’ Up! was the first place I came.  I love all the fabulous products Stampin’ Up! has to offer and that everything coordinates.  The coordination of stamps to other products such as punches and die cutting along with the color coordination of ink, ribbon, paper, and embellishments was a big draw.  Not to mention the amazing stamps that are the best around (in my opinion).

One day, I was looking for inspiration and ran across Mary Fish’s Blog Stampin’ Pretty.  I just fell in love with what she was doing with stamps.  And to be honest, I was yearning to hold a stamp and paper in my hands again and create something all my own.  From Mary’s Blog I found Brian King’s blog.  His sense of design and the fact that he loves his wood stamps as much as I do totally inspired me to dive back into paper crafting and card making was what I wanted to do…I  loved the idea of making one of a kind cards for family, friends, and anyone else I could think of.

In February of 2014 I decided it was time to Join Stampin’ Up!  (geeee it took me long enough)  I am very lucky to be apart of two amazing groups with in Stampin’ Up!  The first one is the Pal’s and the other is InKing Royalty’s.   Both are filled with fabulously talented paper craters who inspire me every day to create something new.

Over the last year trying to build a business (for it is now 2015) many new friendships have been formed and some of my lifelong friendships have been enriched through the journey of paper crafting with Stampin’ Up!  I have been blessed with a supportive family and friends who truly make life Amazing.   I am so thankful that you are joining me on the next adventure of blogging, paper crafting classes, and always creating something new to share with others.

Much Love,