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Posted by on Mar 10, 2016 in Greetings Thinlits, In The Meadow, Watercolor | 19 comments

In The Meadow

We all have people we need to thank in our lives.  One of my most resent thank you’s went to one of our local Jewelers…. On a recent sunny Saturday I was out running errands as many of us do.  I stopped by one of our local Jewelry stores (Jamie Hood Jewelry) to have some charms added to a bracelet.  I went in and spoke with Jamie and took care of business.  He went his way and I went mine.  Right out to my car where I had locked my key’s inside.  (Bunch of words>>>>>>>)  And this is where the story turns into a long drawn out drama.  I called AAA and asked them for a locksmith to help with unlocking the car.  After much conversation about, make, model, year, and many other questions pertaining to the car… And one quite telling question.  Had I lost my keys????  I as polite as possible told the man “no I can see my key’s inside the car…I need a locksmith to unlock my car”  He said OHHHHHH you need a “unlock service”…. I said…. “Yes I need a locksmith to unlock my car”  So, now at this point he tells me that he is calling in my “unlock service” and they will be in touch.  A little bit later a towing company called as said they were on the way.  I had been on and off the phone with Mike letting him know what was going on.  I called him to update the situation.  Mike’s first question was “why did they call a tow truck and not a locksmith.  This became the question of the day….After, about 30 min. the tow truck man showed up explaining that he was in the shower when he got my call from AAA… And then went on to say that this was his first unlock call.  I should have know….But, trying to be patience (after all I was the one who laid my keys on the back seat)  I was quite nice and told the man “no big deal. Take your time. I’m sure you can do it”  Well…..About, 10 minuets in he broke his unlock tool.  And then got really frustrated.  He said he was going to call and try and find another.  Still trying to be relaxed about the situation,  I said okay.  It’s find things happen…He seemed very nervous about the whole thing….I was hoping that I would not make it worse.  Anyway, he called around to several stores.  Even the local Auto Zone (auto parts store) no one had the “unlock tool”  He got extremely frustrated at this point and kept telling me “I can’t believe that anyone dose not carry the unlock tool”  At this point, Jamie Hood comes out and apologies and offers to help.  He had been inside with other customers and did not know I was having car problems.  I explained to him what hand happened and he went on.  Over the next hour, while the towing company man tried to find a new tool.  I sat inside the Jewelry store.   Jamie offered several times to call a locksmith.  And I said no.  Because, this guy was here and I didn’t want to get even more people involved in my stupidly.  Twice the jewelry repair man went out offering to help.  Jamie offered help to me several times.  Finally, someone showed with a new unlock tool.  Unfortunately for the towing company this did not help.  They still could not unlock my car.   I called Mike telling him my situation.  And we were discussing what to do. When I turned around…Jamie Hood was on the phone with a locksmith and had them on the way.  The locksmith showed up and and had the car unlocked in about 10 minuets.  Mike, showed up about the same time as the locksmith and we had a nice little conversation about AAA.  The things I learned from this situation 1. AAA calls a tow truck for everything.  So, if you ever lock your keys in your car call the locksmith yourself.  AAA will reimburse you.  2. I am glad that the auto parts stores do not carry the “unlock tool” for every tom, dick, and harry  to walk in and purchase.   I mean come on really???? tow truck man!!!!!!  3. When you lock your keys in a car,  it can take a village to unlock!!!!   All this brings me to making a manly card to thank Jamie for all his help!  Sometimes, the smallest of things can make the biggest of difference between a good day  and a bad day.  Jamie made this day not so bad.  Yes, I did not get squat done.  Because, I locked my keys in the car.  And yes, to took three hours to resolve the issue.  But, because Jamie called a locksmith and even paid him!  It made me believe in the good of mankind .  And we need more people like him in the world.  People willing to be nice for the sake of being nice!!!!

So, for my manly card.  I pulled out the stamp set In The Meadow.  I adore the sketched look of this stamp set.  It is perfect for coloring. In The Meadow

Recently, I have been working on my watercolor skills.  Watercolor is one of those things that takes lots of practice to get better.  So I am always practicing.  I love using my stamps as a guide for watercolor.  I can’t draw a stick figure.  So, stamps give me a image to work with and practice my skills.


Here are the details:

  • The Card base is Always Artichoke cardstock cut at 5 1/2 inches and scored at 4 1/4 inches
  • The layers are Cajun Craze and Very Vanilla
  • The Stamped layer is Cartiera Magnani Portofino Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper 140 LB
  • The image was colored using Kuretake watercolors.  The mountins and grassy area was painted first by adding water to that area and droping in color.  Then I allowed this to dry.  After it was compleatly dry.  I went back and painted the sky using the same technique of dropping in color on a wet paper.  The colors used are 64, 46,67,53, and 57
  • Finish off the look with “thanks” from the Greetings Thinlits Dies.

My friend Lydia has been using a # over on Instagram that I just love.  #imbringingthankyouback  I think is is time that we all remember to say thank you to those around us.  This world is full of kindness if we just keep our minds open to it!

Here is the supply list:

  • In The Meadow Stamp Set
  • Always Artichoke, Cajun Craze, and Very Vanilla Card Stock
  • Greetings Thinlits Dies
  • Multipurpose Glue
  • Stampin’ Dimensionals


The Cartiera Magnani Hot Press Paper and the Kureteck Watercolors can be purchased through Dick Blick or your favorite art supply store

Blog Highlight

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Have a great day!


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