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Posted by on Feb 1, 2017 in Sale-A-Bration, Tasty Truck | 0 comments

Food Truck on the run! 

The food truck pheomenon has taken the US by storm over the past several years.  Lets be honest. They have allways been around in some form.  From the street vinder serving hot dogs to the tamale truck .  I recent years food trucks have been glorified with tv shows like Food Truck Faceoff. Lest be honest thought, you must really love cooking to spend your days cramped up in a hot truck you can bairly move around in…and most of them have two or three people in this space…I bet, things get headed from time to time….as a food service worker myself. I know we are a passionate group of people and most of us love the people we work with. So sometimes things get a little roughty…anyway, I bet it  hot, hard work, tiring, and intresting to work in such small spaces…I would need a excape hatch!!!!   I could push a button and it would open and  easly excape…like Inspector Gadget. Now that could be fun!  If you want to experence the food truch world check out this fabulous Sale-A-Bration stamp set Tasty Trucks! FREE with a $50 purchase 

Today’ s card is a CASE card! I love CASEing cards! It makes the design process easer!  Whenever I can’t decide what, to do I start CASEing cards.  98% of the time it leads me to other ideas!!!! My friend Robbye sent me a picture of a card she was working on. I loved it so much that I had to make my own version of the card. I changed up the card colors some. And where I used paper to creat some interest she used bakers twine to do the same. 

The truck is stamped in tuxedo black by Memento. I used this ink becaues I was going to do a little coloring with the prismacolor markers.

  • This ink does not react with the alcohol in the markers. So you have a crisp image when you are though coloring.  
  • I added a line at the bottom to ground the truck. 
  • I used the same color at the top to make raceing stripes

This little food truck just looks like it is running away to me!! I’m not completely sure where or what it is running from but, boy  he sure is going! He is even blowing a little smoke out the tail pipe. …I guees he could be russing to feed people but, we all know thats not near as much fun?

Being apart of the InKing Royalty is loads of fun!  I have mentioned to you several times that I have a friend that I bounce ideas off of! They are a Royal! I could not make half of what I create without them in my life… Robbye is a Royal and she sent me a picture and it helped me be more creative! And thats what it is all about after all. Friends helping and inspering each other to be creative. 

Each of your comments makes me smile! Please, comment HERE.

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Thanks for stopping by today! 

Peace and Much Love,


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